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Tag! by ZeroDegreesMedia Tag! by ZeroDegreesMedia

Tag! by ZeroDegreesMedia

/ ©2012-2015 ZeroDegreesMedia
Tag! is a revolutionary new concept that re-imagines the classic childhood game of "tag" or "it" but for the iPhone generation.


Players are assigned to either a chasing or dodging team when they first sign in. The objective for "chasers" is to Tag! as many of the opposing team as possible. Each Tag! is worth 1 point on the leader board. Chasers cannot Tag! the same person more than once within 48 hours (to eliminate cheating) and players do not swap sides once they have been tagged.

Players on the dodging team must avoid being tagged for as long as possible. Every two hours they avoid being tagged equates to one point, however for every ten consecutive hours they avoid being tagged, the player's score multiplier increases by 1.5. Once a chaser enters a 100m radius of the player, both players receive a notification either telling them to stay with their opponent for 10 seconds, or to escape their opponent within 10 seconds. If the chaser stays within 100 metres of the dodger for 10 seconds then the Tag! is a success. Of course, dodgers cannot quit the app once this countdown has begun as it will count as an automatic Tag! If a dodger is tagged then their score multiplier is reset.

This poster shows the main login screen, first time players must create a profile or can skip this step and play anonymously. Then the main menu is shown, from which players can exit the app (and choose whether or not to run the app in the background), the leader boards which are separate for each team, settings and the three map screens. The three map screens are: dodgers only, chasers only, all players. Settings allow the player to access the help, credits and erase game data. The bottom row shows the alert screens for chasers and dodgers and the subsequent success and failure screens for both.


Naturally as a designer, I do not have the coding skills to take this past a concept. I do however believe that this deserves to be taken further than concept artwork. Therefor, if anyone is interested in working on developing this app (currently for iPhone, possibly Android) or knows of anyone who would be then please contact me at: or if you would rather talk to me: 07818 430719.

(Included here is .JPEG file used to create this poster, if you require the .PSD files please contact me as they were too large to upload here.)
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